Airsports Training is one of the few CAA and BMAA approved Instructor Training Academies in the UK. 
CFI John Teesdale says; “Being a Flying Instructor has to be the best job job the world ! I've looked forward to going to work every day for the last 30 years. How many people can say that?” 
To start an instructor course, you must hold a current Pilots License on Aeroplanes which must include a Microlight Class Rating. You must have flown at least 100 hrs PIC on Aeroplanes, at least 40 of which must have been on Microlights and at least 5 hrs PIC on the type (meaning flexwing or fixed wing) to be used on the course. You must pass a theoretical written exam and a flight test before starting the course. 
The course consists of a minimum of 15 hours flying training and 40 hours groundschool. These are minimum hours and just as with the original NPPL minimum of 25, more may be required. 
You have to reach a standard to pass a Flight test and Ground Oral exam taken with an independent Examiner of Instructors. 
The course normally takes four weeks of training Mon-Fri and is best done in two blocks of two weeks with a break in between to recover! 
Even if you never intend to instruct for a living, the Instructor Course will massively increase your flying skills and knowledge. You will be a safer and more confident pilot. 
For further info see; 
Basic AFIC (M) Course price 
(15 hours flying, up to 50 hours groundschool) £3,950.00 
Based on using your aircraft. 
Airsports school aircraft 
available at £70.00 per hour Flexwing, £80.00 per hour Fixed wing. 


I completed the AFI course at Airsports Training and, after a successful test, have worked full time as an instructor at a Northumberland flying school. Having recently upgraded to QFI I now look forward to continuing my new career in aviation. It sounds melodramatic I know, but my life has been transformed these last twelve months or so. 
The AFI course was an enjoyable and truly valuable experience and I would recommend it to any pilot even if they have no intention of becoming an instructor. You will come out of it a better, more capable and knowledgeable pilot. 
John Teesdale is a highly experienced and knowledgeable pilot and instructor. Always professional, patient, conscientious and good humoured, he made sure I worked hard and set a very high standard by example for me to follow. 
Paul Eden, Qualified Flying Instructor 
I trained as an Assistant Flying Instructor with John. I found the course to be incredibly thorough and relevant. Although it is hard work, you come out of it a better pilot- confident and assured. John prepared me for the test very well and I felt sure of my self on my first day of teaching. 
It is testament to John's tuition that since hiring me, the school I work for have ensured that all new Instructors were trained with Airsports Training. 
I have absolutely no hesitation in saying that if you want a career as a Flying Instructor, Airsports Training is the best option for making that happen. 
Lawrence Bell, Qualified Flying Instructor 


Full Sutton Airfield is only a few miles East of the historic City of York. The fantastic rolling countryside of the Yorkshire Wolds, beloved of artist David Hockney, and the Yorkshire coastline including Flamborough Head, are all within an hour's flying time. 


For further information please complete the enquiry box below giving as much information as possible and we will respond promptly. 
Alternatively you can call John Teesdale,CFI, directly on 0759 5219309 or write to us at Airsports Training, Full Sutton Flying Centre, The Airfield, Full Sutton, York YO41 1HS 
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